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Pocket Assistant not only will build your website from scratch but, we will also provide the services you need to get your website live.

Our services include:

  • Domains
  • Websites
  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Workspace
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We offer remarkable service for any type of business or personal venture. Our name says it all, Pocket Assistant. Put an assistant in your pocket to do your work for you! No more feeling alone in your work. You have a team right here that always goes the extra mile no matter what.

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Partners & Affiliates

Pocket Assistant is Partnered and Affiliated with some of the best companies across the USA to deliver the best deals for our members. We understand that business gets costly. This reason is exactly why we created this platform, to save you money where we can. Click "Learn More" to find out how our Partners and Affiliates can save you money along your business venture!

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Why Pocket Assistant?

Why not? We take time to do your work for you! Any type of task you need to be done we can help you. Simple as that.

Pocket Assistant was designed with you in mind. The entrepreneur inside you is begging for help. We know you get tired of doing everything on your own. Just like we know that no matter how tired you get, you still won't give up.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best service you have ever experienced. Our friendly, down-to-earth staff is trustworthy, loyal, and persistent. Your information is always kept private and confidential. We do not sell your information. Contracts provided on demand for your security.

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Are you ready to get help? Do you need a quote? Contact us today and we will submit a proposal back for you to review. Most tasks are completed at an hourly rate and are super affordable. We also offer custom packages with set prices!

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If you are already a member and need to add more hours to your account please see our pricing guide. We offer several hourly packages at affordable prices and also have exceptional deals!