Let us build your brand

Website Design & Development

We build custom websites to suit your needs. No matter how big or small, Pocket Assistant builds them all. Taking the time to get to know our clients means we will bring your ideas to life by implementing the things you love. One step at a time with your design in mind, we will ensure you get exactly what you want. Our packages are even more affordable by allowing us to put our tag on your site!

We work hard at any task

Project Completion

Work and life got your hands full? Let us help! We will complete most any task you throw our way.

Some tasks include:

  • Research & Development
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO Optimization
  • Graphic & Logo Design
  • CRM & Database Construction
  • Recruiting & Evaluations
  • Social Media Management
  • Product Evaluation
  • Phone & Email Campaigns

And so much more!

Pocket Assistant Store

Website Domain, Hosting, & Email Services

Want to purchase hosting directly through Pocket Assistant? Do you need a domain name for your new website or even a matching email address? We have you covered! With so many products for your web needs and amazing tech support, it's no wonder why our clients get their products from us. Go ahead and check out everything Pocket Assistant can do for your business by visiting our secure store.



Custom Experience

Pocket Assistant offers a unique customized experience dedicated to giving each client exactly what they are looking for. You think it, we make it happen. Your ideas can be brought to life with a dedicated team right in your pocket.

Tech Support

If anything goes wrong, we can fix it. This includes any Pocket Assistant product as well as any other companies products. We evaluate your issue and get to the bottom of it. Your purchased hours cover almost everything!


Next Steps...

Are you ready to get help? Do you need a quote? Contact us today and we will submit a proposal back for you to review. Most tasks are completed at an hourly rate and are super affordable. We also offer custom packages with set prices!

Already a Member?

If you are already a member and need to add more hours to your account please see our pricing guide. We offer several hourly packages at affordable prices and also have exceptional deals!