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What Can I Do With a WordPress Website

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WordPress has been utilized to power millions of online presences since 2003! If WordPress didn’t exist, a lot of the websites you visit would be gone. WordPress has shown just how powerful it can be over time, and that it’s not just a blogging tool anymore like it use to be. You are probably asking… “Well… what can I do with a WordPress website?” The answer… You would widely be surprised. Take a look at just some of the things you can do with your WordPress website.

  • Build An Affiliate Shop
    Adding affiliate links to your pages and posts is a great way to cash in on your efforts.
  • Let Users Book Online
    If you’re looking to allow visitors to schedule appointments and see availability right on your WordPress website, look no further than a booking system.
  • Create Real Estate Listings
    You can further extend WordPress’ functionality by integrating real estate functionality directly into your WordPress blog or site. There are even a number of themes already built for real estate — but first, you have to enable this feature through a plugin.
  • Sell Physical or Digital Goods
    Thanks to plugins and third-party developers, you can easily add eCommerce functionality to your site.
  • Create a Directory Website with Maps
    It’s easy to convert your WordPress site into a robust directory business. Using a plugin as an aid, you can either turn your entire site into a directory website or only add the feature to certain pages.
  • Start A Forum
    If you’re looking to build a loyal community, a forum site is a good stepping block to achieve this. Forums give you the ability to answer questions and interact with your brand’s community in a controlled setting.
  • Rally Your Readers Around A Cause
    By adding crowdfunding links to your site, you can assemble your users behind a product of cause. The purpose of crowdfunding is to raise funds for a cause you believe in and it’s easy to build on WordPress.
  • Invoice A Client
    Let’s face it… invoicing can be a real pain. If you despise manually creating invoices, there are a few WordPress plugins that make it more bearable that can be added to your site.
  • Offer Support Through Live Chat
    If you’re offering any sort of service or product, chances are you offer customer support. Providing real-time support can be extremely beneficial to securing a purchase, or simply keeping the customer on your site because you can answer their question right away. It’s super easy to enable live chat functionality within your WordPress website.
  • Provide Customer Support With A Knowledge Base
    To reduce support inquiries, you might consider creating or adding a knowledge base to your site. A knowledge base (sometimes referred to as a “support portal” or “support garage”) will help users find quick answers and resources for their questions.
  • Build a Classifieds Page
    If you’re looking to build a marketplace into your website, look no further than adding a classifieds page to your site.
  • Create A Job Board
    Building a job board from scratch can be costly and time-consuming, but WordPress makes it super easy to do.
  • Manage Multiple Sites Under A Single Installation
    While everything we’ve previously mentioned touches base on installing a plugin to achieve added functionality, you might not have realized that you can create a network of WordPress sites under a single installation. Called WordPress Multisite, you and end users can instantly create a new site while you still manage everything under a single password and username. This is great for sites like universities or retail stores that want to manage a ton of sites within the same WordPress network.
  • Use WordPress As A Framework For Virtually Any Application
    WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg said it himself back in 2014, “when you think about it, we’re kind of building a web operating system.” Thanks to its open source nature, you can use WordPress as a framework to build web applications on top of its API. Through the REST API, you can basically use WordPress with any framework and programming language, making it easier for developers to build new types of applications through WordPress. To learn more about building an app with WordPress, check out: Developing an App Using the REST API and WordPress

As you can see there is so much you can do with your WordPress website. There are so many possibilities, way more than we can list. The possibilities are almost endless. Do yourself a favor and get a website today. Pocket Assistant can help in whatever venture you choose to go on. Take a look at our services here.

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